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 The Village Hidden in Hail - Araregakure

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PostSubject: The Village Hidden in Hail - Araregakure   Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:16 pm

This is a big village that has lots of buildings. This village is known for the hail that falls very frequently.It hails in the autumn,winter,and begining of spring. Ninja in this village usually have wind and water chakra natures. Ninjas are trained to be loyal to their friends and their village. The buildings are around the outside of the village while the houses are in the middle. In the housing district there are 4 parts.NW,NE,SE,and SW. There is a stone wall(60 ft. tall)that surrounds the village. There are 4 openings to get into the village.In the government district there are huge frozen icicles that can go up to 30 ft. long(or 9.1440 m.)
The icicles survive even through the summer! The icicles represent the village by how when a drop of water falls to the ground,It will later be evaporated and become apart of the icicle once more(Falling and being brought back up).
Araregakure is also known for the many stores and shops it has. Because it has many shops it is know for many ninja to stop at this village for supplies. Araregakure is surrounded by mountains and trees.

This village was founded by a quiet man(age 32) that used the many trees around to make a a very small town because his old town was destroyed.This man was a Jounin ninja but after his old town was destroyed he resigned. After many years the population started to grow and many ninja used his town as a "pit stop". He expanded the town with help from the residents to make it a small village. He protected the village by himself against a big group of ninja during a warand was crowned village leader. After many years and after he died the village kept growing and expanding to what it is today.

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The Village Hidden in Hail - Araregakure

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