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 Jashinism Religion

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PostSubject: Jashinism Religion   Jashinism Religion Icon_minitimeSun Jul 22, 2012 4:27 pm

Okay guys i am going to explain you what is jashinism...So here we go :

Most famously associated with Hidan of Naruto Shippudden (all rights belong to Masashi Kishimoto). The religion is based upon the belief pain=pleasure the more pain the better,however there is a chance for immortality.

It is a sort of blood cult really, you must kill whom ever you fight, and drink their blood, it is you or them, to the death. You can't wear clothes (apart from uniforms). Jashin is ruler and your spirit is an eternal being to walk this earth even once your earthly body siezes to exist (it has decayed).

It also raises the point - if this religion was more known about, there would be less pain on Islamic people, as Islam teach peaceful convention of people, you try, you fail, you try again or leave it, no farther. In Jashinism you try converting peacefully to start, but they have one chance alone. You then must sacrifice the 'infidel' to Jashin as a none believer. Any religion apart from Jashim is viewed as Atheist, and must be killed. Yes, Jashin incourges murder and the killing of none-believers.

Jashin is a very misunderstood religion, as it has made it into the frame of what a religion is, as it has thousands of followers all over the world, but is not an accepted religion. It originated in Japan, a few years ago, and now has spread across Europe, Africa, the united states, and I believe some of Russia.


Jashinists, which is the correct term for the followers of this religion, believe strongly apon many strict rules such as:

* If one does not understand anther's pain, one has no right to inflict that pain elsewhere.
* Pain is equal to pleasure, one must sacrifice some of one's own blood to Lord Jashin each day, as proof of one's dedication to Lord Jashin's ways.
* Those who do not believe will die by the hands of those who do.

The symbol for Jashinism is an upside-down, equilateral, circumscribed triangle. This symbol is to be worn on a pendant around the Jashinist's neck, and is to be drawn onto the ground, so that sacrificial rituals may be completed while the Jashinist is standing inside the center of the triangle.

Jashinism is a highly masochistic religion, each member spilling their own blood intentionally nearly every day, and the symbol of jashin comes into play for this, as well. The Jashinist, to show true dedication, must take a small knife, stake, or which ever other weapon they use to cut themselves for their rituals, and to pierce the blade through the center of their necklace pendant's triangle, into their own chests, to get the blood necessary for said rituals.

Self sacrafice is the ultimate form of dedication in Lord Jashin's eyes.

Pl. do not compare this religion with Jainism. I do not believe in
I got the details of Jashinism in website only.

Want some more information ?:Church Of Jashin

Jashinism Religion Finalsw4

Jashinism Religion Deidarafan32

Jashinism Religion Hidan


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Jashinism Religion

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